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Protected Under the Umbrella of Preparedness:
ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS: How to provide for the core elements for all areas of preparedness.
WORST CASE SCENARIOS: How to get through a far reaching catastophe when sheer existence may be a challenge.
PROVIDENT LIVING: How to live providently on the money you have while preparing for rainy days or hard times.
FRUGAL FEATURES: How to get the buying power back into your pocket and gain control of your grocery budget.
DEALING WITH DISASTERS: How to Live through Mother Nature's Temper Tantrums and Man Made Disruptions.
72-HOUR SURVIVAL/EMERGENCY EVACUATION: How to survive a life-threatening event or storm that forces you to leave your work, home or school.

This website is different. The difference is Barbara Salsbury. You can rely on Barbara for helpful insights and useful information. She was recently named one of the five top penny pinchers in the US by Family Circle Magazine. Barbara is one of the nation's leading authorities on self-reliance. For more than twenty-five years she has been teaching people how to get more for their money and remain self reliant through the most difficult situations.

As the author of six books, producer of three videos, veteran of the TV and Radio Talk show circuit, and having been interviewed for many national newspapers and magazines, Barbara now brings her campaign to help others become self-reliant to the web.

Her goal is to help you help yourself by providing the knowledge and skills and strategies necessary to be able to cope with economic hard times, as well as the hard times created by an emergency or crisis (more about Barbara).

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